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Senate Bill 13 to eliminate Solid Waste Management

CCSC works very closely with the MARC Solid Waste Mangement District Council. Our SWMD promotes recycling, reuse and waste diversion by funding recycling and waste reduction programs, providing information to residents, building new markets for recovered materials and so much more. While recycling has grown by leaps and bounds under SWMD guidance, the market is not yet mature enough to support recycling and waste diversion without District support.

Senate Bill 13 proposes to eliminate the state’s 20 solid waste management districts and reduce landfill tipping fees by the amount previously used for district planning. Solid waste management would once again be handled through the MO Department of Natural Resources with no additional support. This bill is on fast track with the sponsor’s (Kurt Schaefer) goal that it be passed and in effect in August 2013.

Read this Solid Waste Management Fact Sheet and see how much good the District has done and continues to do. Read the full proposed bill, then contact our State Senators to tell them to reject this bill. Our communities need the help of SWMD to see the continued success of our recycling programs!


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