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Recycling: Get the Kids Involved

A great way to get your family motivated to make recycling a habit is to get the kids involved. Kids have a tendency to remind parents of tasks more often if they are involved. Here are a few ways to get the kids motivated.

Designate a Bin

Be sure to place a box or bin next to your garbage can that is clearly marked with the recycling symbol. Kids easily recognize logos and have more than likely talked about recycling in school and will quickly make the association.  Post a list of what can be recycled where they’ll see it – use pictures for younger kids.  You’ll probably find if they notice a recyclable item in the garbage, they’ll make a point to tell you about it.

Repurpose Non-Recyclables

Egg Carton WreathThere are all kinds of crafts that can be made out of items headed for the garbage that can’t be recycled. Styrofoam egg cartons, which often aren’t accepted for recycling, can be recreated into all kinds of things … colorful flowers, caterpillars, seed starting trays (some that look like caterpillars), or even use the whole carton for life-sized “Lego” style building blocks!  Use other non-recyclables as homemade instruments and art inspiration.

Make it a Game

When introducting your kids (and your family in general) to recycling, start by counting the number of bags of trash going to the curb each week.  Challenge your family to see how many fewer bags you can put out each week by recycling.  Set a realistic goal and plan a family reward once you hit it.  Keep it going by rewarding yourselves for how long you can stay below a certain number of bags of trash.

Getting your entire family involved will make it easier to stay on track with recycling!


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