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Bio-Powered Lamps Clean Air, Light Streets

How’s this for dual innovation? French biochemist Pierre Calleja has designed a street lamp that runs on microalgae. Yep, that mucky murky stuff that floats around in a Louisiana swamp or around plants in the ocean can now be used to not only light your way down the street, but clean the air around you at the same time.

Microalgae Street Lamps

French Biochemist Pierre Calleja has dedicated 20+ years of research to the microscopic wunderkind called mixotropic algae.

Calleja has been working with these little algae, which generate light from both sunlight and CO2, for over 20 years. “The lamps are composed of a tube containing microalgae, as well as a battery … during the day, the batteries are charged via photosynthesis of the algae, using both solar power and CO2.”

Cleaning the air while lighting our way using nothing but nature. Talk about sustainability!


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