We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to. – Terri Swearingen

9 Easy Ways to use Less Plastic

Just a few, very simple, ways to use less plastic in your daily life:

1. Drink out of glasses (you know, the ones made from glass).

2. Use a refillable stainless water bottle instead of buying plastic bottled water.

3. Pack metal or wooden spoons with your lunch, or keep a set at your workplace, to wash and reuse.

4. Buy wooden toys.

5. Use real plates or biodegradable ones.

6. Save glass jars and their lids to use for storing leftovers and other items, instead of plastic containers.

7. Bring your own cloth (not poly) bags to the store instead of using their plastic ones.

8. Compost your food scraps, causing less food waste and using fewer plastic bags for trash.

9. Buy grocery items in glass containers instead of plastic whenever possible (and then refer to #6!).

Thank you to the folks at Pure Organics for this simple list (which can have a big impact)!


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