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Sustainable Solutions for the Garden

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Our friends at Wolf Creek Family Farm posted ideas this week for reusing items in the garden.  We talk alot about reusing what we have and reducing the number of new items we purchase that could eventually be destined for the landfill.  Reusing items, like old t-shirts or sheets, windows and even sinks, in the garden can help accomplish both of those goals!

Just one idea includes creating a small bag from old t-shirts or cloths to hang by your spigot outside.  Drop in those small pieces of soap that are no longer big enough to use on their own.  Voila! You now have a ready-made scrubby outside for washing your hands after working in the garden.

Check out their article on Sustainable Solutions for the Garden.  Sometimes working toward sustainability just means looking at something old with this question in mind: “How can I put this to a new use?”

What items do you reuse from your house in your garden?


One thought on “Sustainable Solutions for the Garden

  1. Some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!