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Recycle Those Old Electronics – October 21st, 2017

Safely Dispose of Your Electronics
Saturday, October 21, 2017
9:00 a.m. — noon
Family Center
2601 Cantrell Rd.
Mill-Walk Mall
Harrisonville, Missouri

Recycling electronics saves landfill space and protects our environment.
Fees will apply only on CRT computer monitors, CRT based televisions, and console and rear projection TVs because:
• These products contain lead and other hazardous materials. These electronics are transported to Kuusakoski Recycling in Plainfield, IL, for safe destruction and recycling. Costs cover  shipping and labor, and insure proper disposal.
• No materials are sent overseas.

Checks and Cash Only
Please leave original packaging at home.
This event is provided through a partnership of the
Cass County Sustainability Committee, Family Center, and The Surplus Exchange.

Items Surplus Exchange Accepts:
 Desktop computers
 Laptop computers
 Tablets
 Flat Panel Monitors
 CRT Monitors ($20 Recycling Fee)
 CRT & rear projection televisions ($20 Recycling Fee)
 Printers
 Copiers
 Fax Machines
 Scanners
 Keyboards, mice, and other peripherals
 Flat panel televisions
 Cell phones
 Phone systems
 Video games & video game equipment
 Batteries (including vehicle batteries)
 UPS battery backups
 Blu-ray/DVD players/VCRs
 Portable music players (iPods, MP3 players, etc)
 Alarm clocks
 Speakers
 Radio equipment
 Calculators
 Network equipment (modems, routers, etc)
 Cables, cords, and power supplies
 Electronic musical equipment (sound pedals, electric instruments)
 Recording equipment (sound boards, digital recorders, etc)
 Power tools
 Microwaves
 Toasters
 Stereo equipment
 Basically anything with a circuit board!
** All items that do not have a fee associated with them are considered tax deductible donations!

Items Surplus Exchange will NOT accept:
 Large appliances
 Scrap metal
 Light bulbs
 Thermostat units or other items containing liquid mercury
 Medical and scientific equipment exposed to high levels of radiation
 Items that fall outside of the realm of electronics recycling (i.e. General trash, large plastic or wooden waste containing no electronics, etc.)


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