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Callery Pear Buyback Program

The Missouri Invasive Plant Council (MoIP), in partnership with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, Forrest Keeling Nursery, and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), will host a Callery pear “buyback” program in locations around the state on April 18. Homeowners are invited to cut down one or more Callery pear trees and receive one free, non-invasive tree at this event.

For Kansas City area residents, there are two dates and three locations: April 22nd, Lee’s Summit, MO; April 22nd, Topeka, KS; May 20th, Lenexa, KS.

Click the link below to be taken to the registration page and for instructions on participating in the buyback event. Registration closes April 13th.

Electronics Recycling Event – May 13th, 2023, Ray-Pec Academy

Electronic Collection Event

Saturday, May 13, 2023 8:00 a.m. — noon
Raymore-Peculiar Academy

21001 S. School Rd., Peculiar, MO

Please consult www.recyclespot.org for information on possible e-waste disposal sites and dates in the metropolitan area.


Items accepted at No Charge:
Computer towers, keyboards, printers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, land line phones, cassette players, VCR/DVD players, computer mouse, copiers, scanners, routers, gaming systems, radio/stereos, lithium-Ion batteries from laptop or cell phone only, APC battery back-up, cords and wiring from electronics, small household appliances such as coffee maker, blender, toasters, etc.

Because the items below contain hazardous materials and require special handling, Meredith Recycling charges fees to accept them.

*FEES* will apply to:
$20 each for LCD or Plasma TVs & Monitors.
$25 each for CRT TVs under 26″ (diagonal).
$25 each Rear Projection TV and CRT monitor
$30 each for CRT TVs over 26″ (diagonal).

Items NOT Accepted:
CDs, floppy disks, flash drives, VCR tapes, ink or toner cartridges, alkaline batteries, nickel-cadmium or metal-hydrate batteries, batteries for power tools, or light bulbs.

Checks and Cash Only
Please leave original packaging at home

No materials are sent overseas.  This article in Popular Science highlights the reason why that’s so important (and why it’s important to use a recycling company that doesn’t ship it out).  All are safely destroyed and recycled.  Save landfill space and protect our environment while cleaning out your old junk electronics!

The 2020 World Championship Ray-Pec Robotics Team “System Meltdown” FRC 2357 will be there to help unload your electronics. Donations to the team are gladly accepted.
This event is provided through a partnership of the Cass County Sustainability Committee,
The Raymore-Peculiar School District, and Meredith Recycling, Montrose, MO

Learn why it is important to recycle your electronics, the need to charge a fee for some electronic products, and about items banned from Missouri landfills.

The following article discusses why Meredith Recycling charges fees to recycle CRT TV and CRT Computer Monitors.

Be sure to save October 16 as the date to take your old electronics to the CCSC’s 11th Annual Electronic Waste Collection Event.  Details will be posted at this site soon.