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Recycling Open 24/7


In 2013, we once again expanded the number of recycling locations available in Cass County.  We had thirteen locations in partnership with Town & Country Disposal where residents could drop off materials 24/7.

Unfortunately, since WCA bought Town & Country Disposal, they have been phasing out all the drop-off recycling bins that the CCSC and Town & Country partnered to make available.  After several unsuccessful discussions with WCA, we regret to say the only bins that will remain are those that an entity (such as a City or private business) are willing to pay a monthly fee to WCA to continue.

At this time, these are the available locations we know of:

  • Garden City
  • Schug Ave in Peculiar (on the City of Peculiar property next to the Lions Club)
  • CASCO on Vine Street in Harrisonville
  • WCA facility on 291 Hwy in Harrisonville

It may be helpful for WCA to hear from you committed recyclers about the need to provide this very important community service that makes it possible for us to dispose of our household waste in a responsible manner!

In the meantime, the CCSC will be seeking to learn of any alternative means to again provide drop-off recycling locations.

Other recycling opportunities in Cass County:

Pleasant Hill: 24/7 recycling bin located at the corner of Taylor & Pine.  Sorting of materials is required; volunteers will assist with sorting and unloading on the first Saturday of each month from 8am to noon.  This recycling program benefits senior citizen programs in Pleasant Hill.



13 thoughts on “Locations

  1. I am delighted to learn of Belton locations for recycling, but could easily have missed getting this info by just throwing out the flyer…..because of the very puzzling and not readily clear return address – “Cass Country Sustainability Committee” — Sorry to say, but I bet most people in the senior complex where I live would throw it out. Whereas if some
    reference to RECYCLING or some of the “liveliness” of info on inside would have been on the OUTSIDE …..more would open it. I am so glad I did. I have been driving to Grandview
    for several years….. thank you.

  2. There is no location listed for Pleasant Hill. Is the city recycling center behind the police station the reason for this omission?

    • There is a drop off point at the corner of Taylor and Pine in Pleasant Hill; however, that is not one of the locations covered by our program. We are, however, updating our locations page to include this information for people looking for recycling in that area. Thank you!

  3. Yea! So grateful for another Belton location. It seemed that the one we had was filling up very quickly. Thanks for all your great work and getting us another drop site.!

  4. What happened to the recycling bin at the Community Center in Belton? It hasn’t been there for a week or so.

    • Unfortunately, the recycling bin at the Community Center in Belton had to be removed because of need for parking space and because the asphalt on the parking lot is too thin to support the big truck that picks up the recyclables. CCSC is working with the Community Center to find an alternate location.

  5. Seems as though the bins in Belton are often overflowing. How do we find out the pick up schedule so we can be reasonably sure there is room for us to drop off?

    • Thank you for your question. We’re verifying the schedule, but have been told the bins are emptied Wednesday evening/early Thursday. So, by Thursday morning they should be emptied. We are also working on getting an additional bin in place.

  6. Thanks for all you do! The Belton site is conveniently located and easy to use. Between composting and recycling, we have cut our trash for the dump by 50%.

  7. It appears Belton has moved the recycling location. I saw this on their website on May 24th, 2015: Recycling bins are available at the Belton Fire Station #2, 16300 N Mullen Rd. Plastic, aluminum, paper, and cardboard are accepted.

  8. Per Belton website (http://www.belton.org/index.aspx?NID=188): “Recycling bins are available at the Belton Fire Station #2, 16300 N Mullen Rd. Plastic, aluminum, paper, and cardboard are accepted. “

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