We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to. – Terri Swearingen

Bottled Water Facts

While a large portion of the world desperately seek clean drinking water, the United States and other countries spend billions on bottled water when perfectly clean drinking water is readily available.  Not only are we needlessly spending money on water with lower standards than those of tap water, we are also filling our landfills with billions of pounds of oil-based plastics that take 1,000′s of years to degrade.  This graphic will visually present an overview of bottled water.  (When the link loads, click the graphic to enlarge.)

Bottled Water WasteCheck out this link to see a video contrasting the realities of bottled water with the aspects of “manufactured demand”.

When did Earth’s most abundant and free natural resource become a commercial ‘beverage’?  Read the scoop on the bottled water phenomenon and decide for yourself if it’s any better for you.